The Procurys integration framework helps companies reduce the complexity of integrating collaborative processes within and between enterprises. With Procurys B2B integration, organizations easily exchange real-time messages with customers, partners and suppliers, while automating and streamlining critical business processes.

Procurys moves integration to the cloud with a highly flexible, scalable method matched with service professionals who are experts in business processes, B2B integration and community management.

  • B2B Integration: Procurys' approach to integration is portable, secure, reliable and scales (Up/out) easily. Procurys goes beyond basic data/application integration to provide comprehensive business process integration for companies of all sizes.
  • Builds Business Community Networks: The idea of community encompasses our knowledge of integration and business processes. The ability to re-use connections, choreography, and the sharing of expertise with customers, all of which ensure integration services are done right the first time in the most cost-effective and expedient manner. 
  • Expert Services: At Procurys, we can manage the integration for you, so you can focus on your business. We partner with your IT and business teams for mutual success. 
  • Security & Compliance: Many companies are in a position to need additional compliance or advanced security for their services.  Procurys, can provide solutions in this area whether GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPPA through partners.  We have some additional reading on this topic, here, in our blog.    
  • Business Process Focus: Procurys goes far beyond traditional solutions by enabling process-based integration. Procurys focuses on the business process, handling basic to complex integration, from simple punchout to comprehensive custom integrations, or order-to-invoice processes where data is being split or requires complex logic and data management. 

Transform Your Business with Procurys

Procurys B2B integration can transform your company. Help your company focus on core business.  Gain a suite of integration capabilities from a single, secure integrated service.  And lose the burden of building and maintaining costly connections.