Process Automation. Doesn’t matter whether you put “Robotics”, “Digital” or other terms in front of it, automating low value, labor intensive or time critical processes that can be automated, should be. It’s not simply the inefficiency of wasted resources, crude processes can often be the difference between a failed campaign, slipping brand value, costly supply chain errors, or a bad quarter in sales.

Procurys brings together several technologies and at every step in the supply chain can insert mini processes or full deltas in process workflows to accelerate and improve supply chain operations. Combining various integration methods along with analytical, data processing and cognitive services means processes holding your team back don’t need to be.

Automating solutions for operationalizing and improving customer experiences.

Deepen Customer Experience. By unlocking insights found in surfaced support platforms teams have a chance to make informed decisions to help optimize customer experience. Bring together data from customer-facing systems to gain a more singular view of your customer.

  • Trigger notifications to sales other teams faster. Engage clients with actionable information for customers, the more often they will win deals.
  • Exception management, anti-silo cross functional teams, data re-use, customer and sales success, notifications of all types.
  • Dashboard customer experience across areas like Perfect Order and compliance scores, manage offset expense containment and returns processing.
  • Collaborate more effectively with vendors and buyers in consignment, vendor managed inventory and other replenishment models.
  • Create personalized marketing / sales campaigns to introduce, measure and improve entry into new B2B channels.
  • Trigger processes from marketing or supply chain signals.

Procurys Delivers a Digital Supply Chain Experience

To accelerate and improve supply chain processes while maximizing accuracy and customer focus, it's useful for companies to connect teams and line of business (LOB), to the data being exchanged. Procurys automates the exchange of data between you and your trading partners while also providing methods for tightly integrating stakeholders to processes as well. This enables teams to respond to changing supply chain conditions, faster.