Supply Chain Integration

The manufacturing of goods and the overall supply chain process have grown increasingly complex in today’s global economy. Companies must share information, documents and plans sometimes with hundreds or even thousands of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. Achieving business integration across disparate systems and applications, particularly with a community geographically dispersed, is challenging and can be costly. Procurys enables companies to easily and cost-effectively integrate and collaborate with all partners in the supply chain and all messages across the Procure-to-Pay process.

Streamlining the Procure-to-Pay Process

The procure-to-pay process includes the exchange of information and documents between a company and its supplier community. Typically, this starts with the purchase order and invoice, but there are hundreds of document types which potentially can be exchanged, including transactions like product catalog information, demand forecasts, warehouse shipping notices, and payment instructions. There are also transactions specific to particular vertical industries, such as a grocery purchase orders or an  automotive inspection detail report. Procurys can integrate each step in the order process, enabling purchasing organizations to automate electronic document exchange with suppliers and supporting translation from the company’s internal formats to the standards used by partners.

Integration Interoperability across Formats and Systems

Often electronic documents are exchanged in a public domain format, such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, cXML, or HL7, which provide common syntaxes for structuring the information. Whether your integration process involves common formats or protocols or a vast array of formats, Procurys services as an intermediary between your internal systems and business processes and those of your supplier community, so you can exchange information in whatever format you need to.

Procure-to-Pay Integration is ideal for companies that:

  • Use a manual process for supply chain partner integration and are looking at implementing a form of electronic data exchange in order to reduce costs and expedite processes
  • Are struggling to manage and communicate with the different formats and protocols their suppliers use for purchase orders, inventory management, and other documentation
  • Support the supply chain integration process using licensed software and/or internal resources and are considering outsourcing this operation to reduce costs and focus on their core business
  • Have a current integration technology solution but are facing upgrade challenges or application compatibility issues or need to cut costs
  • Support suppliers using a specific standard, such as ANSI X12, and now need to provide more flexibility by supporting additional standards with their integration processes, such as cXML or HL7
  • Need to consolidate systems and combine supply chain processes due to a merger or acquisition

Procurys provides a vast range of services, from electronic document and data transfer to real-time transactions and queries to increased visibility of supply chain processes. Delivered as a managed service, Procurys does the heavy lifting for you, so you and your suppliers can improve your partnership, time to market and revenue.