Punchout integration enables a direct connection and seamless integration between your customer’s eProcurement system and your eCommerce system. Procurys supports any cXML punchout, out of the box. Initially configured for generic cXML, as well as any variations applied to the cXML, including: SAP Ariba, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Coupa, Jaggaer, TradeShift, and many others, and different internet standards (Including: XML, JSON, API). Procurys Punchout ensures interoperability without requiring the deployment of new software, making implementations fast, transparent and cost-effective. With these easy connections, your customers are more likely to shop from your store, leading to increased customer retention and growth of new business.

Add Integration to Your Storefront

You’ve built your eCommerce site or online catalog, but you need to make sure your customers can easily shop directly from their spend management and procurement systems. To do this, your eCommerce application should enable punchout out of the box or enable you to add this functionality without a lot of extra development work. Once you’ve enabled your site to receive/send punch out messages, your buyers can punch-out from their systems and communicate with your online store via the following messages digitally:

  • cXML PunchOut Setup Request
  • cXML PunchOut Setup Response (Our clients don't need to integrate this with their site)
  • cXML PunchOut Order Message

Not sure what functionality your eCommerce site needs or how to go about it? Give us a call, we're happy to walk you through the process and provide documentation.


Once the Requisition is approved by the Buyer, it is converted to a Purchase Order and an OrderRequest or EDI 850 Purchase Order is pushed to the Seller's system.  Take a look next at the Purchase Order page and learn how we can accelerate this process for you.