Procurys manages programs around outreach and onboarding support for your initiative. Regardless of your industry, supplier compliance and onboarding can be large, complicated undertaking to do yourself. Procurys provides a dedicated team, compliance, onboarding, reporting and supplier integration management services, enabling customers to focus on their own data flows and processes. From initiative definition to specification creation, outreach to daily management and reporting back to your team we work closely with your vendor community to ensure the level of compliance you desire.

Poor processes ultimately affect the cost, quality and delivery to end customers. When an organization has one or more suppliers unable to engage in B2B integration, they are not able to collaborate effectively. If there's poor data integrity, manual or dual data entry and lack of visibility, it's your supply chain and bottom line that suffer. To some extent, as an organization adds and drops suppliers, this can be expected as new suppliers ramp-up. However, when it's the norm, rather than the exception, the typical pressures and complexities for the Buying team change. Transaction costs go up as efficient practices become the exception rather than the rule, fewer orders are delivered on time, the supply chain is not as efficient and competitive as it should be.

Procurys on-boarding is designed to help accelerate supplier participation and on-boarding through a process of assessment and education. We educate suppliers on the initiative as we guide them through a discussion-based assessment of their needs, their environment and help them determine and implement technology best suited for their scenario. We can even teach your suppliers how to setup cXML punchout.