In most business and IT environments, the challenges are plentiful, from managing global operations and implementing new services to driving increased revenue while reducing costs, to name just a few. When speaking to IT and business leaders, we hear a lot of pain around improving and automating services and operations with customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers and other trading partners . Organizations are looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies, leverage technology to automate, reduce labor, improve accuracy and visibility.   

Which of these data integration challenges resonate?

  • Punchout integration - You sell into the P2P/eProcurement space and need a Punchout solution that will allow you to scale.
  • Supplier on-boarding - Are you a Buying organization needing an efficient model of on-boarding strategic and last mile vendors?
  • Managed Services - Your team has or needs to setup B2B integrations, let us manage it and you focus on your core business.
  • API integration - Does your team need to repeatedly set up customers on cXML punchout or orders, but need tools?
  • GDPR and other Compliance - Is GDPR the latest in a growing list of compliance issues your team needs to workaround?    
  • Strategy, education and planning - Want to ensure a good outcome, train a team up or get some additional eyes on a project?

How Procurys Helps Address Data Integration Challenges

Procurys is focused on business-to-business integration, and under that umbrella, we have addressed these data integration challenges by breaking down the integration requirements into three areas: analysis and planning, design and prototype/build, support and managed services (And maintenance).  You have options with Procurys.